Arclever Technologies, Inc. is constantly looking for leading-edge technology talents.

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New Opportunities:


Financial Analyst

Requirements: Must have a Bachelor degree in Economics, Finance, Business Administration or closely related field. Arclever Technologies, Inc. seeks a Financial Analyst to work in Manalapan, NJ. Duties: Develop and maintain complex financial models, conduct comprehensive and in-depth company and industry research, build annual budgets and ongoing profit & loss forecasts, analyze business performance, and build efficiencies, track and analyze capital and expense spending and identify potential risks and opportunities, etc.


IT Manager

Requirements: M.S. in C.S. /related w. + 2 yrs exp. in Financial app. dvlpmt. Assign, review work of system dvlpmt, analyze Credit derivative Trading/Pricing app.; manage project resources; provide for data security & control; evaluate software, modules performance & recommend improvement.


Production Support/Maintenance Engineers


Requirements: C#, .NET dev, IIS, SQL experience required. Interface design and implementation to a third-party (Exidio) product. Writing/reviewing specs and codes. Experience using Together.NET (a plug-in by Borland) is a big plus.


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