Aecom International Development, Inc. is looking for Urban Designer.

Aecom International Development, Inc. is looking for Urban Designer.

Location: San Diego, CA


• Prepares materials (graphics and written) in support of planning and design related to master plans, specific plans, community plans, streetscape, design guidelines, form-based codes, zoning updates, feasibility studies, transit-oriented development studies, etc.

• Develop high quality, graphic page layouts, books, boards, and report deliverables in InDesign.

• Works efficiently on 2 to 5 projects at a time under the supervision of a project manager or principal; and is able to prioritize multiple tasks needed to meet deadlines.

• Performs field visits, photo surveys, analyses and documentation of existing conditions.

• Assists project manager on a variety of project tasks ensuring deadlines are met, including project research, base mapping, analysis, interdisciplinary coordination, meeting coordination, public outreach, assisting with the preparation of conceptual design alternatives (in plan, section, and 3D sketches and renderings), and the preparation of interim and final deliverables.

• Provides additional support as needed to ensure smooth execution of projects and continuity of excellent client relationships.

• Other duties may be assigned; this requisition is not intended to be an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities.


• Bachelor’s Degree

• 2+ years of experience in the field of urban design

• Experience and interest working in California on planning and regulatory documents

• Strong design portfolio focused on the urban design of the physical realm

• Excellent graphic, verbal, and written communication skills

• Strong interest in working in a collaborative multi-disciplinary team environment

• Strong design and graphics abilities, including hand concept sketching and the creation of both digital and hand drawn graphics, maps, illustrations

• Ability to understand and synthesize the physical impacts of planning and policy decisions on building design, the design of the public realm, and the environment, as well as the ability to convey concepts and issues accurately and convincingly in graphic format

• Strong attention to detail and quality

• Excellent organizational skills and ability to work in a dynamic deadline-driven environment

• Strong verbal and written communication skills

• Self-motivated, proactive, and committed to the time, effort, and open-minded perspective that professional growth requires

• Ability to work both independently and in a collaborative, dynamic team environment

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*totally 3 of H1B filling in 2017.

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